ハニートリップで溶け込む たぶんトランスで落ちてゆく


Christina is a seventeen-year-old, Chinese girl living in Canada, who is in her senior year of high school and will be shipped off to university next year (most likely Schulich School of Business). She's mostly straight, but loves looking at girls and boobies, so she's not sure if that can count as being bisexual. She enjoys listening to Japanese music, watching anime, reading manga, and all that other stuff Asian girls like to do. Her most recent obsession is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney because it just kicks real law's ass like that. She loves her friends more than anything (except perhaps her five-year-old brother and Nao from アリス九號.) and would kick anybody's ass for them. She is also a carnivorous picky eater, and salivates at the mere thought of 点心 (叉烧包! 锅贴! 小笼包! 葱油饼! ♥). Although that does not sound very flattering, it remains the truth. She would really love to get some tattoos and more piercings (cartilage and labret); however, there are some people in her life who utterly disapprove (e.g. strict Chinese parents). Moreover, she hates people who steal her work, so if that's why you're here, you might as well fuck off. She tries her best to be optimistic and cheerful, but sometimes people just really piss her off.
She's been told that she's funny, interesting, and awesome, but others have also said that she's annoying, negative, and evil. Hmm, which one's right? Curious? Comment on this entry to find out.

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